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Running Tips

Running Tip of the Week

Running Tip of the Week: 
Here are some some tips to help you stay safe during early morning and night runs especially during the Fall & Winter months:

  • See & be seen:Wearing a headlamp can help you see potholes and uneven pavement more easily and prevent injuries. Wearing a tail light, reflective vest, bright colored clothing and shoes with reflectors on them will help make you more visible.
  • Choose a well-lit route. It might not be your favorite route to run, but the most well-lit, populated route is your safest choice.

Running Motivation

What's your motivation?

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2014 LA Marathon Experience

What a beautiful day to run a marathon. The atmosphere was awesome! 

I would like to give my followers a recap of my 2014 L.A. Marathon experience. 

I woke up the day of the marathon feeling super relaxed and legs feeling great. I knew it was going to be a great race. I started my usual race prep. I was actually warming up near the elite Ethiopian men and women runners. I found that their warm-up prep was similar to mine. 

The race was starting soon so I made my way over to the start line.

Running Training

Runners should train as athletes. 

The best athletes in the world never show up to the big game without being prepared; running is no different. 

Runners should practice proper technique to reduce the chance of injury and perform when it matters the most.

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How to Become a Better Runner

Many runners ask "how can I become a better runner?" 

Here is the answer: breathe and have fun. 

Many runners have information overload. I believe this is the reason why most runners either hurt themselves whilerunningor never reach their full running potential. Runners need to do less reading and researching on running and focus their energy on running instead.

Runners simply need to run. 

Runners should get back to the fundamentals of running - breathing and having fun. These fundamentals will unlock the athlete in you.

PCR (Progress Calibration Run)

Running Tip of the Week:

PCR (Progress Calibration Run): Steady state run at preset heart rate. Run steadily and evenly at race pace but don't sprint at the end as you typically would in a race. This is harder to do than your "Out-and-Back" run. 

If you're not confident on maintaining an even pace, consider using a HR monitor and check your heart rate at regular intervals to measure your progress, as well as ensuring you're not over-exerting yourself. 

Carlsbad Running Lab Heart Rate Monitor HR
Avoid Making These Common Mistakes:

Running Tip of the Week

Carlsbad Running Lab FartlekWhat is a Fartlek? 

Fartlek, a Swedish term that means "speed play" is a form of interval or speed training that can be effective in improving a runner’s speed and endurance. 

  • Since a runner can make it up as they go, there is no pressure to perform and the runner can work it as hard or as easy as they like.

  • The suggested pace given on the program is the runner's own average pace. 

  • The runner should speed up and slow down according to how they feel, not by any set pace.

Many runners use 

Running Tip of the Week

Running Tip of the Week:

Adding a recovery jog or two to your running training program or fitness routine will help your recover faster by flushing lactic acid from your body. Jogging should be done after a long run or hard training session; just 20 to 30 minutes will do. 

Jogging really helps runners to recover better, develop their aerobic capacity and helps them to loosen up.

Carlsbad Running Lab Form and Endurance Training

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Running Tip of the Week

Endurance Training, Running Coach Jeff
Running Tip of the Week: 

Aerobic running is running at a comfortable pace (not jogging) for the duration of time. Runners should be able to converse. Biggest mistakes are starting out too fast, running too hard and tapping into anaerobic metabolism and clock-watching and pushing the pace to arrive at a pre-set idea of what it should be rather than allowing it to come naturally.

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