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November 2013

Happy Birthday USMC!

Happy Birthday U. S. Marine Corps! 

Always a Marine! Semper Fi!

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Thank You

Carlsbad Running Lab Coach Jeff and Jen Nutrition Zone Carlsbad
Thank you to all the athletes who came out to our 2nd  Carlsbad Running Lab Monthly Running Clinic & Group Run event in Carlsbad. Please check out the photos we just added! 

Special thanks to our Guest Speaker, Jen -  Nutrition Zone - Carlsbad 
for speaking with our group about proper diet and nutrition for endurance running training!

If your would like to join us at our next event, it will held on Sun, Dec 8th at  Road Runner Sports Carlsbad 
from 9am - 11am.

#runningcoach #endurancetraining #marathon #halfmarathon #running #coaching

PCR (Progress Calibration Run)

Running Tip of the Week:

PCR (Progress Calibration Run): Steady state run at preset heart rate. Run steadily and evenly at race pace but don't sprint at the end as you typically would in a race. This is harder to do than your "Out-and-Back" run. 

If you're not confident on maintaining an even pace, consider using a HR monitor and check your heart rate at regular intervals to measure your progress, as well as ensuring you're not over-exerting yourself. 

Carlsbad Running Lab Heart Rate Monitor HR
Avoid Making These Common Mistakes:

Surfing Madonna "Save the Ocean" 5K - 10K Run / Walk Event

Less than 12 days left before the #SurfingMadonna "Save the Ocean" 5K - 10K Beach Run / Walk at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas CA! Have you registered yet?

Surfing Madonna Event 2013

For more details, please visit:

#runningcoach #endurancetraining #marathon #halfmarathon #running #coaching