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Week 5(RNR Vegas &CIM Training)
2016 Boston Marathon
Road to Boston
LA Marathon 2016
Boston Marathon 2016 Bound


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My Blog

Week 5(RNR Vegas &CIM Training)

111.1 miles this week the highest weekly mileage I have ever ran. And the most quality I feel I have gotten out of myself in my training. Some of the workouts included an 21x800 workout and a 21 Mile Long Run finishing My last 4 miles in an Average of 5:17 a mile, I managed to get across the United States on foot this year for the second consecutive Year, hitting the 3,000 mile mark today!

2016 Boston Marathon

2016- Boston Marathon Time: 3hr 17mins.

Road to Boston

Have you run the Boston Marathon before?  This is my first Boston Marathon and plan to run this race often in the future. I’ve been running for 16 years.  Over the last four years, I dedicated myself to be the best endurance athlete I can be. One of my goals was to run the Boston Marathon. I’m now excited to complete that goal by running the Boston marathon on April 18, 2016.

How does Boston differ from other Marathons? Boston is such a prestigious race. Anyone who’s not familiar with running or marathon running knows Boston.

LA Marathon 2016

LA Marathon recap: My training journey began last September and was fulfilled on February, 14, 2016.  This training cycle was by far the most challenging for me. I had a lot set backs over the six month training cycle such as injuries and chest cold.  I really never recovered from my set back and I felt like I was a month behind in my marathon training. As a running coach, I know if you’re not prepared its ok pull out of a race but my pride took over. I really knew I wasn’t ready for the marathon.

Boston Marathon 2016 Bound

It's Official!

I'm going to the Boston Marathon in April 2016!

This is my motivation for the next couple months. What's your motivation?

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Running Tip of the Week

Running Tip of the Week: 
Here are some some tips to help you stay safe during early morning and night runs especially during the Fall & Winter months:

  • See & be seen:Wearing a headlamp can help you see potholes and uneven pavement more easily and prevent injuries. Wearing a tail light, reflective vest, bright colored clothing and shoes with reflectors on them will help make you more visible.
  • Choose a well-lit route. It might not be your favorite route to run, but the most well-lit, populated route is your safest choice.

Carlsbad Marathon 2015

I consider the  Carlsbad Marathonmy home race. I train here all the time and know the area very well.  The race this past Sunday, started off a little behind schedule; there was a 8 - 10 minutes delay. I was a little frustrated initially, because I was mentally focused to start at 6:15 a.m. but I think the late start actually helped me to relax a bit. I started the race well and at a slow, steady pace.

After the 3rd mile, my legs started warming up nicely and for the rest of race, I was able to run at a comfortable pace.

Never Forget 9-11-2001

Remembering...and proud to be an American!

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Appalachian Du/Triathlon to Fight Cancer - Pictures

Here are some pictures from today's event. Please visit our "Photos" page for many more!

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Appalachian Du/Triathlon to Fight Cancer Event

While I'm still here in West Virginia, I participated in the 2nd annual Appalachian Du/Triathlon to Fight Cancerevent held on Sunday, Sept 7th, 2014. This triathlon includes a 740 meter swim, 13.5 mile bike and 5K run. For more information,

Thank you to my family and friends for all your support. 

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