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Carlsbad Running Lab

San Diego, CA

Our Services

Carlsbad Running Lab customizes Running Programs that will work best for your individual training needs and will help you meet the personal goals you would like to achieve. 

Carlsbad Running Lab also provides affordable running coaching, running injury prevention and recovery to runners of all levels, athletes of all ages, youth, high school & college athletes, military service personnel, police academy and candidates, and much more. Contact us to see how we can help you out! 

Online Running Coach

Starts with a Free Initial Consultation via FaceTime or Skype, which includes a discussion about your running history, challenges and goals in order to determine your specific training needs and how your training would proceed. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you might have regarding the running coach programs and services that Carlsbad Running Lab has to offer in order to help you reach your goals. Consultations last 30-45 minutes. 

Includes the following:

  • One weekly phone call or video call with Coach Jeff (30 minutes).
  • One weekly runners' Conference Call (45 - 60 minutes).
  • Workout reminders via text and e-mail.

Pricing: $200 per month

Consulting packages:

Standard- $40 per meeting (Phone, Facetime & Skype only), includes phone, text, and Carlsbad Running Lab will review program, nutrition plan race day strategy.

Elite- $100 per meeting, includes evaluation, phone, text email Running Lab will review program, nutrition plan race day strategyElite- $80 per meeting, includes evaluation, phone, text email Running Lab will review program, nutrition plan race day strategy

Personal Running Coach

(One-on-One Running Sessions) 

Initial Consultation: $80 San Diego County

The initial consultation includes analysis:

  • Video analysis
  • Sleep habits
  • Nutrition habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Emotional health
  • Stress levels

Personal Running Sessions: $80.00

One-on-one coaching sessions are typically held at a nearby track, trail, hill depending on your training needs. Endurance training, efficient running, and injury prevention are covered in each session.

Coach Jeff offers limited one-on-one running sessions in the Greater San Diego and North County area. Consultations and Running Sessions outside of San Diego County are subject to Travel/Mileage Fee. Please inquire early as individual training sessions fill up quickly.

Group Running and Cycling Training: Free!

We learn from our experiences. Learn how to become an endurance athlete by joining Coach Jeff and others on small customize group training sessions. The small group session will focus on proper technique, aerobic conditioning, and pre, during & post nutrition.

Coach Jeff's Workout: $40

Join Coach Jeff his personal workouts as he trains for 5K's to Ironman races. Push your limits and learn more knowledge on specialized workouts that aid in endurance and speed. RSVP with Coach Jeff at [email protected]

Training Plan: $20.00 per week for 4 weeks' plan

Customized training programs can be designed to meet your specific needs and goals. This is ideal for runners who need marathon coaching and half marathon coaching, regardless if it's their first event or not. An Initial Consultation is highly recommended before starting any type of endurance training, including for marathons and half marathons.

Training Packages:

  • Tri-Pack - 3 sessions for $200.00
  • Six-Pack - 6 sessions for $400.00 *Best Value

Group Rates: $20 per runner (min. of 5 runners)

Monthly Membership:

  • Gold - $400 Unlimited: Swim, Bike & Run *Best Value
  • Silver - $300 8 Sessions: Bike & Run
  • Bronze - $200 4 Sessions: Run

Triathlon Coaching 

Carlsbad Running Lab Clinic & Running Group 11-10-13

Athletes who work with a triathlon coach are more likely to see greater progress and achieve their goals than athletes who train on their own. Learn how you can benefit from working with a qualified, experienced coach. Please contact Coach Jeff for more details.

Carlsbad Running Lab offers a variety of customizable services and since we individualize our coaching to your specific needs, we will also personalize our pricing to fit your needs. We simply provide the above pricing as a reference guide for future discussions.

Contact Coach Jeff to schedule an appointment today!

Click here:

[email protected]