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San Diego Running Coach Jeff, Elite Running TrainingCoach Jeff Galford 

Coach Jeff is considered one of California's best coaches for new runners, age groupers, and elite runners.

He has logged over 60,00 miles and still continues to train up to 100 miles a week for elite competitions. He has a wealth of coaching experience and is a San Diego running coach who helps athletes use proper running techniques to achieve their personal goals. Prior to becoming a running coach, Coach Jeff honorably served eight years as a United States Marine. 


  • Over 10 years of personal training experience.
  • Over 15 years of multi-sport and running endurance experience.
  • Over 15 years performing extensive running gait assessments.
  • Over 8 years of Triathlon experience.
  • USA Track and Field Certified
  • Completed distances from sprint to Ironman 7.3
  • Boston Marathon Qualifier - completed

All of Coach Jeff's experience was obtained while leading a busy life schedule of work, family, travel, and other events. He has learned how to train around life's typical daily demands and he would love to teach you to do the same.

Personal Bests on The Road
  • 800m - 2:18
  • Mile  5:08
  • 5K - 17:42
  • 10K - 37:05
  • 10 Miles - 59:32
  • Half Marathon - 82:41
  • Marathon - 174:12

Coach Jeff, Carlsbad Running Lab at Ironman Arizona 2015

Carlsbad Running Lab offers a wide range of running coaching programs and services - from individual coaching, marathon, half marathon, and triathlon training, to group form clinics and video gait analysis. 

Mission Statement
The mission of Carlsbad Running Lab is to build confidence with hard work, perseverance, and determination by creating a strong mind and body and providing elite coaching to runners to unlock their full potential.

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